Rymax Vector 4 Hydraulic brake fluid DOT 4 300ml


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5 op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)

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Our Brake Fluid DOT 4 is a high performance brake and clutch fluid with a minimum boiling point of 260°C , exceeding SAE J1704 and meeting or exceeding United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 116 DOT 4 specifications. Our Brake Fluid DOT 4 provides excellent corrosion protection and rubber seal compatibility. Rymax Brake Fluids are completely miscible with one another and are compatible with other approved DOT glycol ether and borate brake fluids. However, do not mix with silicone type or silicate ester type brake fluids. Good brake fluid quality is essential for the system to operate under severe conditions. In service, the brake fluid absorbs moisture which causes a significant reduction in the boiling point of the brake fluid. A consequent risk of this is so-called “vapour lock”. Vector DOT 4 exceeds the international standards specifying minimum values for the wet and dry boiling point. In doing so, we offer a substantial safety margin against water pick up.

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