Rymax Diesel Cold Flow Improver


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5 op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)

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Rymax Diesel Cold Flow Improver is developed to improve diesel-flow capability under low temperature operating conditions and makes fuel winter safe. It protects diesel from crystallization and/or freezing. It is used for all (common rail) diesel engines with or without turbochargers running on low or normal sulphur level (bio) diesel fuels. This in order to ensure the fuel is winter-safe.

How to use?Pour the required contents in the fuel tank before filling it with fuel.Dosage We recommend to use 1 bottle of 250 ml for 60-65 litres of diesel fuel. Use for each tank filling before initial wax crystals build-up. Note: the effectiveness of Diesel Cold Flow Improver in biodiesel will linearly decrease with an increase of the biodiesel content. With a B20 biodiesel the treat rate should be double the regular treat rate to reach a similar result.

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