Rymax Atexio II Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 Liter


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5 op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)

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Atexio II are among the most complex lubricants on the market today. Containing as many as 15 components, ATFs represent a careful balance of properties needed to meet the unique requirements of automatic transmissions.

These fluids perform five basic functions:

Transmit hydronamic energy in the torque converter.
Transmit hydrostatic energy in hydraulic logic control circuits and servomechanisms.
Lubricate shaft bearings, thrust bearings and gears.
Transmit sliding friction energy in bands and clutches.
Act as a heat transfer medium controlling automatic transmission operating temperatures.

ATF specifications are in a state of flux and now there are several types of fluid specified for North American transmissions. The ATF used for older vehicles mostly is our DEXRON® II, recommended for transmission top-up or refill, by most automobile manufacturers.

Our Atexio II demonstrates outstanding oxidative and thermal stability, giving extremely long service life over

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